Today, a charged cannibal family confessed to kill and eat around 30 people in the town over the period of 18 years.

Police have spotted and recovered 8 body parts in their apartment and looking for further remains to claim the legitimacy of the brutal confession.

Dmitry Baksheev, a 35-years-old man, residing in Krasnodar in Southern Russia told the investigators that he started this horrible activity back in 1999.

Authorities have released his picture with a woman victim’s picture that is not named to sustain her privacy.


Baksheev didn’t carry out the dreadful activity alone; his family was involved too including her 42-years-old wife, Natalia who is a nurse by profession.

According to the Russia’s largest media resource linked with Russian law enforcement, Mash news outlet, the released picture portrayed Natalia, the wife of Dmitry Baksheev but the colony members confirmed later that it is not Natalia but a recent victim.

The local news source further reported that ‘video lessons for cannibals’ were found in their house.

To testify the dire confession by the cannibal family, Natalia has gone through the psychiatric test to judge her cognition and mental stability, Mash reported. As Natalia is alleged to have confessed that she with her husband has killed and eaten at least 30 people. The results of her psychiatric tests show that she is an utterly healthy person, physically and emotionally, who accounts for her actions, mentioned by Mash reporting from Natalia’s medical reports.

Russian Investigative Committee which deals the serious crimes in Russia reported that the couple used to store the human remains in their domestic fridge, freezer, and a cellar. 7 packs of frozen human body parts have been recovered from their home. The couple is also found to preserve some human meat in jars possibly as an attempt to prepare pickle.

Police further discovered 19 remains of human skin which were surely removed from the body of dead people.

The couple was exposed when a stranger found a mobile phone in Krasnodar city and it had pictures of a man posing with human body parts, police reported.

It is also reported that some female body parts were found on the military academy land on September 12th. Precisely in a cellar at 135 Dzerzhinskogo Street, Krasnodar which is linked to the Russian Military Academy land.

More of, a bag and a bucket full of human body parts are also recovered with another bag full of victim’s possessions.

Dmitry Baksheev is believed to work in the military academy and lived in the military apartments with his 42-years-old wife.

He took the selfies with a woman’s skull and different body parts too. The woman was identified later but her name was not revealed. She happened to be a 35-years-old lady who just came to live in Krasnodar from Omutinsk town in Kirov Region.

From the mobile found in the street, another picture was found showing human head surrounded by oranges in a plate and it is dated 12/28/1999. Police stated that if this date on the picture is valid, the confessions of the family regarding horrible activities in town are true.

More of, another image found shows charged cannibal Baksheev posing with a sickle and hammer, portraying the symbol his birthplace, Soviet Union.

Baksheev and his wife, both were employed in the military academy; however, it is still unknown when they got married. Natalia is reported to be 7 years older than Baksheev.

Both of them are under deterioration in Krasnodar at the moment having multiple charges against them.

They used to imply a Russian drug Corvalol –substance in Phenobarbital- and ether to snooze their victims. According to the neighbors, the smell of the drugs could always be felt from their room.

‘Each time we tried to enter their room, they started wild shouting and crying’, a worker said.

‘Natalia is a scandalous woman, aggressive, so we did not risk it,’ he said.

Their room can be seen in the filthiest situation in the picture.

For the moment, Investigative committee official Smyatskaya has started the initial criminal investigation for the murder of one woman who was identified. However, other alleged murders are being checked and investigated by officers.

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