This Man Took Photos of His Dogs Hanging by Their Ears – Demand Justice for Animals!

A few years ago, the case of Juan Castillo Pérez and the appalling pictures he posted online received quite a lot of publicity. The photos, one of them showing dogs hung by their ears on a clothing line, were posted on Facebook – by their author himself, no less – and caught the attention of animal lovers and the media. A campaign was soon started to not let this disturbing act go unnoticed and unpunished. However, in spite of the criticism from all over the world, the man was, in the end, never brought to justice.


Among the photos taken and posted by Pérez, were also one of his dogs attacking and ripping apart a cat and another of an iguana being skinned alive… The man was tracked down and numerous protests and pledges to act from local officials were soon to follow – but never realized. Pérez was never punished and is to this day, free to continue abusing animals.

This unbelievable fact underlines the burning need for animal cruelty to be finally treated by law with more seriousness and an actual regard to the suffering such deeds bring to the abused animals. A recent Care2 petition aims to bring light to this fact further, aiming to “bring justice to all animals from Mexico by asking the central government to stop regarding attacks on animals as some sort of joke or minor offense and impose much stricter animal protection laws that will see true justice being achieved.”

In Mexico, animal mistreatment desperately needs to be recognized as the serious offense it really is. This involves, most vitally, imposing much tougher sanctions to discourage abusers. The country is very much in need of a reform – since, as is emphasized in the petition, now animals are mistreated without getting any justice, and for such reasons as people’s incredibly questionable “fun” or money. Overwhelmingly often, perpetrators get to walk free.

Take a stand against treating animal cruelty like a minor, arbitrarily punished offense – click here to sign the petition to the President of Mexico to enforce tougher animal protection laws in the country!

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