Now a days, we live in a technology driven and focused world. No matter where you look, you are certain to see someone on a cell phone. Forget the “old days” of using our phones to simply call up an old friend – now, we use these helpful gadgets to locate a restaurant, catch up on work, and even find a date for Saturday night. My oh my, how times have changed!

But, as with many things in life, these wonderfully handy helpers come with dangers too. The open access to everything, everyone, and at all hours of the day can be a bit overwhelming and frightening, especially for parents…

Many parents appreciate the ability to be in close contact with their children – and so, they’ve allowed their sons and daughters to become cell phone owners. Especially when our kids are out and about with their friends, it’s nice to be able to communicate with them, know where they are, and know what they’re doing.

Cell phones can be great peace-of-mind for us worrisome moms and dads! However, what do we do when our children choose to ignore us?

What do we do when our “reaching out texts” and “checking in calls” go unanswered? One dad’s controversial solution to this frustrating problem has taken the internet by storm!

Although cell phones can be a relief for parents, they can quickly become a pain when kids choose to ignore your calls or texts. So, what do we do?

Nick Herbert felt this frustration with his son Ben. So, he did something about it!

Nick spent eight months creating a cell phone app called ReplyASAP – an app which gives parents the ability to “demand” a response from their children…

According to TODAY,

“The app allows parents to send a message to their kid’s phone that will immediately sound an alarm and freeze their device, until they reply.”

TODAY goes on to explain,

“It doesn’t matter if your child is playing a video game, or watching a video, or anything…their phone will be useless, until they respond.”

And the app’s abilities don’t just stop there – even if the phone is on silent, the app will make a noise until the child responds; the parent can set the app to alert the child at a certain time (like when baseball practice ends or after school finishes); the parent receives “read receipts” to know when their child has viewed the message; and the asap alert will override any program the child is using on the phone.

There are of course two sides to the cell phone story – some parents love the idea of this app, while others feel it’s overbearing…

TODAY shared that some parents are responding with comments such as,

“Genius…. Brilliant for emergency situations!”

While others say things like,

“Appallingly intrusive app for parents….”

Many people feel that the app allows moms and dads to keep tighter tabs on their teens and stay in closer contact with their children. However, on the other hand, some believe that the app is too controlling and that it takes away from the trust in the relationship.

No matter which side of the cell phone fence you stand on – in the end, we all make choices we feel are best for our children and our family.

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